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Exercise Prescription

Animal physiotherapists provide specialist and individual-specific treatment and exercise plans for all animals, no matter the age, ability, diagnosis or behavioural requirements. Our main aims are to reduce pain or discomfort, improve health where we can, and ultimately improve the quality of life of the animals in our care.

Exercise prescription is individual to every animal, and not just for the top athletes.

With those undergoing rehabilitation, when combined with other therapies, controlled exercise promotes healing to prevent further injury that may come about due to altered movement as a reaction to pain.

The great thing about the musculoskeletal system is that it has designed itself to adapt and heal through its own use. For example; bones remodel and maintain their density through direct use, and joints squeeze nutrients in and out through flexion and extension, avoiding the need for potentially easily damaged blood vessels within the capsule.

When an animal is in pain or injured, their avoidance of triggering the stimulus can result in loss of function. This can over time increase their discomfort through compensatory movement and loss of strength. Introducing controlled exercises from simple stretches to direct strengthening, your vet physio will be enabling your pet to promote their own healing and prevent further or recurrent injury, whilst reducing or eliminating any pain triggers.

For more information, have a look at the “Supervet’s” site for some examples of how veterinary physiotherapists can add exercise into our therapeutic programmes.