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Phototherapy is also known as photobiomodulation and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and uses visible and invisible light (e.g. infra-red) to help treat various ailments and alleviate pain by stimulating natural healing.

Until the 1950’s, the sun was the most prescribed and effective treatment for a wide variety of ills, and today, light therapy has been refined into a fast-acting and versatile tool in a physiotherapists arsenal.

Red light phototherapy activates the mitochondria (the energy producing part) of a cell which results in:

  • alleviation of pain and inflammation,
  • promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration,
  • muscle relaxation and increased local circulation,
  • immunomodulation (regulation of the immune system).

This photochemical process is ideal for treatment of animals who may be fearful or resentful of physical manipulation after injury or illness. It is similar in therapeutic value to ultrasound therapy, but avoids the ultra-high-pitched sound that some pets may sense, dislike or avoid.

There are few contraindications to use of “laser” therapy, which your therapist will discuss with you, and if you want to learn more about the modality, check out for more, independent information.