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Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PMFT or PEMF) is an electrotherapy treatment that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to encourage the natural healing ability of the body through energy transfer into tissues. The treatment is non-invasive and completely pain free, and can be used to eliminate pain, encourage neurological healing, kick-start non-healing fractures and improve circulation.

With settings recommended and set by your vet physio, you can safely use PMFT equipment in your own home to keep to treatment schedules and keep your costs down – speak to your vet physio to discuss rental or purchase options.

So how does it work?

All functions of the body are enabled by electrical currents between cells. This current provides cells with required nutrients by attracting positively charged nutrients and repelling negatively charged toxins through the cell membrane. PMFT encourages this natural healing activity where it may not be working, by introducing currents through electromagnetic fields produced by the unit’s coils.

When a bone is not healing, the nerves may be damaged. If the nerves are damaged, biological electrical impulses cannot cross the bone healing site and therefore the bone won’t heal. If there is no electrical impulse across the site, PMFT can be used to instigate the electrical current and kick-start healing. PMFT can be used through casts and on cases with metal implants or external fixations.

On the correct setting, PMFT can block the activation of nerves involved in long term (chronic) pain, such as arthritis or long-term muscle pain and has been proven to re-establish healing in some neurological cases.

PMFT equipment can be available in the form of mats for your pet to lie, sit or stand on; wraps to place around limbs; rugs or coats to wear; or simply a hand held device to hold as close to the treatment site as your pet allows. For more information visit