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What We Do

Veterinary Physiotherapists help animals affected by injury, age, illness or disability by educating and retraining movement and exercise, applying manual therapy and offering advice and techniques to undertake at home where possible. The aim is to reduce pain and compensatory changes and, where applicable, improve the quality of tissue healing.

Physiotherapy treatment improves musculoskeletal strength and joint range of motion to correct postural or muscle imbalance.

Every pet can benefit from having their own dedicated therapist who may apply techniques such as soft tissue massage and trigger point therapy, stretching and joint mobilisation to reduce stiffness, relieve pain and correct compensatory changes.

What does an appointment entail?

Each appointment for your animal will encompass a musculoskeletal assessment and appropriate physical therapy to treat direct problems and indirect compensatory issues that may have arisen.  

Following this, a report is completed and given to you which outlines what has been found, treated and notes any at home exercises you have been recommended.  

Depending on the case, a comprehensive report will periodically be sent to your vet to keep on file for any future therapist or veterinary history requirement.  

Initial appointments are expected to take around 90 minutes, depending on the animal, and follow up appointments will usually be completed within one hour.