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Vet Consent

Why do I need vet consent for my pet? 

In a nutshell – because it’s a legal requirement and we want your pet to be safe! 

Just like your Doctor, your Vet will refer you to a specialist with appropriate skills, equipment and expertise depending on the diagnosis of your animal. 

The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 was created to regulate the treatment of animals, and it declares only Veterinary Surgeons may legally diagnose and advise, prescribe medication for and perform surgery on animals. Exceptions are for those who offer “manipulative therapies” such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage and chiropractic services which may be performed by appropriately qualified and skilled non-vets, but only with proper consent from the supervising veterinary surgeon. 

All patients treated by Kent Animal Physio require a completed veterinary consent form before any therapy treatment can take place – but don’t panic, this usually doesn’t require you to book a vet appointment and form completion can be arranged by us quickly before we see you.

How do I get a referral? 

Good news – this usually only needs to happen before your first appointment. 

Following initial phone consultation with you, usually we can arrange for consent to be received prior to your first assessment by contacting your vet and asking them to complete this short form, downloadable here

To speed up the process, if you are dropping by your vet’s surgery, just print out the form and ask them to complete it for you and email across.